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Selling a Property?

“If you are planning to sell within the next 6 months do NOT wait until the last minute. Contact Brooke Stone right now – because in order to obtain the highest possible price – a lot of planning must be put in place BEFORE the home goes on the market.

There is NO OBLIGATION to you – BUT we would like to help with the hundreds of little things that make the difference of selling for a reasonable price against - SELLING FOR a GREAT PRICE”

“Founded in 1996 - Brooke Stone Properties has experienced all the highs and lows of the real estate industry from winning (or being on the podium) of every major real estate award - to the lows of the financial disaster of the Global Financial Crisis.

From being one of the most respected Boutique Agencies to being asked to join the huge International Franchise Company of L J Hooker – AND after five years of playing with ‘The Big Boys’ recognizing that better service, and community spirit, and better personal communication lay with the individual and non-franchised agent.

So here we are again! Happy to be back with the clients who are friends – with the associates who feel like family – and content to know that as a company, we are streets ahead of most other agents in training, knowledge, commitment and motivation.” - Darryl Flaherty, CEO.