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Brooke Stone Properties Acting as a Buyer’s Agent

The fast paced world in which we live today provides barely enough time to breathe let alone have time to sit around and relax. Remember when computers first become available to the public? AND by 1980 one million computers had been sold. By 1985 over 30 million home computers had been sold – and by 2016 is just a guess.But when computers were first being introduced the people who look into our future and predict what is going to happen – were telling us that we had to prepare for more leisure time as computers would take over our working lives. Well – I don’t know about you personally – but i do know that probably about 95% of the population in 2016 – 2017 is working longer hours and cramming in more work and less leisure time than ever before. Which brings me to the point !If you were thinking about selling – up-sizing – down-sizing – investment – holiday home – or whatever – do you really have the time to go around every weekend trying to find exactly the right property to purchase – at the right price ??? Probably not !

So what if i said that Brooke Stone Properties can do this for you and – it will cost you Absolutely Nothing ! Brooke Stone Properties offers to act as your Property Buyers Agent. We shall sit with you to get all the requirements down to the last ‘nitty gritty’ and you are going to pay into our Trust Account the sum of $3,000 that can only be used for invoiced expenses used to find the ‘RIGHT’ property.
When we have found this “RIGHT’ property you are going to have the full amount of the $3,000 refunded to you – and at settlement you are going to pay to Brooke Stone Properties the agents fee of 2.75% (plus GST) of the purchase price.  This will be one of the most time saving cheapest investments you have ever made.

Now for the big WIN-WIN MOMENT ! Brooke Stone is guaranteeing to negotiate the asking price down to where the saving is more than our fee.

We are so confident in our ability to negotiate that if the discount is NOT more than our fee – then we will discount  our fee by the same percentage points.

Nothing could be fairer than that.  We will have done all the work and you have paid us nothing !

Should you require more info – then please call the ‘ACE’ negotiator TODAY !

Darryl Flaherty  :  0417 266 066     Email : [email protected]