• The two most common methods of investment are either shares (Stock Market) or property – and many financial guru’s can argue for hours which is better in the long run.
  • Brooke Stone  has formed over 31 syndicates of ‘Mums and Dads  into extremely profitable investment syndicates.
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  • One of the biggest attractions for the stock market is it costs far less to buy tradable shares than it does property – and of course if you require money in a hurry it is normally a fairly quick transaction to sell shares.

NEVERTHELESS – I prefer property because of its security ! During the Great Depression lasting from 1929 to 1939 property prices fell by an average of 50% whereas local , national, and international companies just disappeared and EVERY cent invested in them was gone.  There were thousands of people totally ‘wiped out’.   On the other hand the people who could afford to not sell their property still had a 50% investment.
After the great depression we had  World War 2 and more companies together with all their shares just disappeared.   BUT  the property still remained where it was (granted with much less value ) – but still sitting there waiting for better times.
AND better times arrived in the fifties when inflation took hold as production lines were working overtime creating goods to keep up with the spending wealth of the middle class – who were earning lots more money than they had seen for the last 20 years or more.
Did you know that in 1903 you could buy 100 hectares of land on the river in Mosman Park for about 300 golden guineas ( valued then at about $10,000 – of course the wages were about $3 a week) – BUT that same 10 hectares in today’s terms would be worth in excess of $300,000,000 million dollars.

Do you see my point ?? Land is forever ! – Shares in a company is really only an investment in the know-how of the people running the company.


  • One of the investment opportunities that has developed in our world of today where property prices as an investment has exceeded what most people can afford as a ‘go-it-alone’ investment. Meaning that to purchase a property that can be negatively or positively geared is going to require about $150,000 to pay for the deposit ,stamp duty, legal fees, transfer fees, and bits and pieces. AND not many people have that much cash just sitting in a bank that they do not require..
  • So back at the start of  1997  –  the Brooke Stone Group commenced syndicating property where people with just $50,000 or more available to them could join together with other like minded people who would like to be involved in being a real estate investor – but could not afford to buy even a small home with just $50,000.
  • In just four years Brooke Stone  syndicated 31 groups into buying property  close to major developments that had high floating populations –  like universities and hospitals. These syndicated groups were kept  between 10 and 15 investors who were committed for a minimum of 3 years before they could sell. We had enormous success and every syndicate member made a lot of money.
  • If you are interested to find out more – Please call : Darryl Flaherty (CEO) (08)  6555 6505 or Email : [email protected]


  • Being fortunate enough to live in a country where the current Government believes (as i do) that negative gearing allows the small investor to make money he / she would normally never have the opportunity to acquire  – AND our government offers these same opportunities to both the rich and to the poor.
  • I point out that our company is not a financial advisor – nor are we investment counsellors – but we do know how to make money out of real estate !
  • You have absolutely nothing to lose by contacting me and having a cup of coffee. Unless of course you don’t like coffee ! Maybe a cup of tea perhaps ?
  • If you are interested to find out more – Please call : Darryl Flaherty (CEO) (08) 6555 6505 or Email : [email protected]