An ‘Appraisal’ is often interpreted by the public as a ‘trick’  by a real estate agent  – as just a ruse in order to get the house  listed ‘For Sale’.

In reality Brooke Stone Properties have for some years offered a ” FREE Comparative Market Analysis” to allow a home owner without any pressure a means of identifying an accurate analysis as to the true market value of his/her property.

There are many interpretations of value.  For one 1. the bank has a different interpretation of value in regard to lending money.  2. The Valuer General has a different  view in regard to setting land value.  3. The council has a view in regard to determining the rates and taxes combined with a myriad of other services.  4.  Then the buyer sees a lesser value in the property  5. Than the vendor who is normally seeing his/her property being worth more than the asking price. 6. The Insurance Broker who wants the property maximised.   7. The divorce lawyer (dependent on who’s side he represents) is wanting a higher /lower value. Etc – Etc .

This is where Brooke Stone offer a unique service to “market value” the property with complete impartiality to provide 8. a true comparison as to the price the property will realistically bring on the current market.  9. This impartial point of view is used by many to be indicative of value in a divorce situation – 10.  for refinancing to do renovations – 11. to provide for the ‘holiday of a life-time’ –  12. to determine the basis for future retirement –  13. for insurance purposes –  14. in regard to SMSF  investment – 15.  for tax purposes –  16. for curiosity – 17. for determining who gets what in the bequeathing of the estate –  18. for rental purposes – 19. and the other reasons go on an  on.

A Comparative Market Analysis is completely FREE and WITHOUT ANY OBLIGATION at a time to suit you and takes approx ten minutes.

The written report is prepared by comparing hundreds of similar homes of similar block size – in similar locations –  the year they were built – of similar quality of fixtures and fittings – of similar square metre size – constructed of the same materials – same number of bedrooms and bathrooms – how big is the outdoor entertaining area  – how long they remained on the market – and the true price eventually sold for.   The report is amazingly accurate !

The written report is returned to you ( by email ) within 5 days  and we have no follow-up unless you call us to have questions answered.

SO – If any of the above reasons fit your situation  –   OR  –  even if you have another reason  – you should take advantage of this FREE OFFER to have your home and other properties valued for your own ‘Peace of Mind’.

                                                                          ONE PHONE CALL  – TEN MINUTES OF YOUR TIME  –  AND ‘VOILA’  –  

                                                                                  YOU CAN RELAX KNOWING YOUR WEALTH IS INTACT !